Molly Martin Illustration

from the ‘Tragic Artitsts’ collection 

Kahlo, Lautrec, Ono, O’Keeffe, Freud, Emin & Pollock 

for my ‘Tragic Artists’ project. 
For the Falmouth quotes and sayings book… lol.
Tour poster for RAFIKI - Go see them. 

Check their music out here -
Cycle Of Swimmers
Inside Llewyn Davis cover for Little White Lies magazine.
"We wandered in a frenzy and a dream" - Jack Kerouac. Illustration for the Falmouth Quotes and Saying’s annual.

s b

little doodles

Image for a current commission
Book Cover for ‘Water for Elephants’
my next project…
Book cover for ‘The Time Travaler’s Wife’